Femdom Sex – Why it’s a woman’s world

If taboo phone sex is what you want, then you’re in for a treat. I have always been a dominant woman.  From as long as I can remember, people have always referred to me as bossy, and if truth be told, now that I am an adult woman, I am bossy because I enjoy the relationship between master (in my case, mistress) and slave (my boyfriend, you).  For this reason, I live the Femdom lifestyle, and as far as sex is concerned, Femdom Sex is what I prefer. And trust me I am really good at it.

taboo phone sex by taboopalace.com

Taboo Phone Sex and Adult Fantasy Role Play

Taboo sex encompasses so many topics that it is practically impossible to cover them all.  You could say that even the most vanilla fantasy can be transformed into the realm of taboo sex, with just a little imagination. For me, femdom is really my favorite.  Bring this skill to phone sex and you have taboo phone sex, a delicious combination where a caller can be dominated through the power of words only.

I specialize in intense, highly erotic femdom fantasies and my sessions can be as soft or hard core as you wish.  I prefer a gentle introduction going from sensual to highly sexual, sprinkling in between my own version of role play fantasies. It could be some kinky teasing to totally taboo sessions, even bringing sadism into the picture.

Many people think that taboo means forbidden or even illegal. As a phone sex femdom, where fantasies rule, there is nothing forbidden about two consenting adult who talk to each other about any subject, including topics that are challenging so some.

In many ways this is a question of perception. Some fetish fantasies are socially unacceptable for some and completely acceptable for others. I once had a boyfriend who was instructed by me not to masturbate until I gave him the ok.  After one week, he was a nervous wreck. It lasted 4 weeks.  You can imagine the agony. Taboo phone sex is particularly well suited for that kind of femdom interactions. Posted on Tags Taboo Phone Sex

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